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Search Engine Optimisaton

Magnarevo SEO professionals work hard to improve your organic search results. Through properly designed SEO initiatives, we ensure that your content draw more attention and connects with your target consumers.

Web Design & Development

We design websites that are both user-friendly and consistent with your brand. Stay stress free as we’ve tapped into digital transformation to offer a balance of visual intrigue without all the clutter, from utility to structure, speed, and more.

Paid Ads

We craft paid advertising campaigns that are as strategic as they are striking, seamlessly blending with your brand’s voice. Rest easy with our digital expertise at your service, providing a synergy of aesthetic appeal and performance. From targeting precision to ad design, and from budget optimization to analytics, we ensure your ads not only capture attention but convert interest into action.

Cloud Hosting

We deliver cloud hosting solutions that prioritize reliability and performance, aligning with your business’s continuous growth. Experience peace of mind with our cutting-edge infrastructure, offering scalable resources that ensure your website’s high availability and swift load times. Embrace digital resilience as we optimize for efficiency, security, and seamless user experiences, empowering your brand to soar in the cloud without complication.

Brand Identity

We perform branding miracles by deciphering the brand’s purpose, personality, objectives, and visual language through significant market research and a significant commitment. We are constantly working to develop brand success stories across a wide range of industries.

Engaged partnerships with clients
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When planning your digital marketing budget, keep in mind that it should take into account the goals you have set for your digital campaign. To begin with, one should allocate 30% of their marketing budget toward digital marketing. This percentage varies depending on the industry, cost per lead, and conversion rates.
With Magnarevo, you can track leads in an automated and hassle-free way. The data is collected in the backend and then triggered to your email or phone (SMS) in real-time. We also maintain a lead sheet, which is shared with you every month. Leads received through phone calls and WhatsApp messages are also maintained in this sheet.
For digital campaigns, we offer a retainer model. Our monthly fees need to be prepaid in advance. For campaigns involving paid advertising like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, we charge a setup fee and a percentage of the total ad spend each month. For a one-time project such as building a website, we charge 50% of the total cost in advance and the rest upon completion of the project. And, for projects that exceed a budget of Rs 3 lakhs ( USD 4000), we bill on a milestone basis.
Yes. We provide performance marketing services and currently work with limited clients. We are still fine-tuning the model and will be open to exploring it with more clients in coming months. Factors we look into before committing to a partnership include the type of products or services offered, budget, industry, competitors and lead or conversion turnaround time, among other things.
Our company has worked with clients from around the world for over a decade, enabling us to keep up with the latest trends in marketing and advertising. We use this knowledge to develop creative campaigns that appeal to a worldwide audience.
We have a long history of working with startups. The creative energy, and the opportunity to help companies get off the ground is something that excites us. Some of the startups we have worked with in the past have grown into successful businesses, and are still associated with us today.
Magnarevo is a team of 20 people currently, including designers, developers, digital marketing strategists, social media executives, copywriters, editors and 3D generalists. We are constantly seeking talented people who are eager to join our team. If you are interested in working with us, please send in your resume to hr@magnarevo.com.

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